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At The Booked Therapist we know that a quality therapist is an asset to the community. We want you to spend your time doing what you do best. Creating and maintaining an online presence and a funnel of your ideal clients is time consuming. You already spend non-clinical hours answering e-mails & phone calls, taking care of financial issues and making the ever-dreaded calls to insurance companies. Let us take this piece off of your plate. At The Booked Therapist we get aren't offering general marketing services. We are offering content creation and marketing strategies that are unique to the field of psychotherapy. 

Dustin Lowry, founder of The Booked Therapist.

Dustin Lowry, MBA

Founder & CEO

I would love to help you grow in the right direction. Reach out now and we can find the best path to keeping you booked with the clients you want!