Stand Out With a Professional Website and Attract Your Ideal Clients

The Booked Therapists offers digital marketing, website design, and advertising campaigns for therapists.

Whether you have an established practice or recently finished grad school, you know the importance of a calendar booked with quality clients. Finding enough clientele to keep you booked can be tough, let alone being booked with your ideal clients. Do you want to specialize but feel you need to take on any client?


At The Booked Therapist, we help clinicians like you grow in the direction you want. We specialize in helping therapists and practices grow by creating and maintaining an online presence that funnels your ideal clients straight to you. We provide website design for therapists and group practices as well as content creation including advertisement images and videos.

Website Design

The Booked Therapist offers website design for therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists. Our websites are beautiful and optimized for SEO. We will work with you to ensure that your website is exactly what you want and that your future clients will enjoy their experience navigating their way around it. Our web design services are tailor made for you and since we focus on therapists like you, we know how to design sites that are optimized for client conversions. 

We utilize Wix as our main website design and hosting platform. By using Wix, we are able to produce beautiful websites that are easy to navigate, optimized for SEO, and ultimately great at converting leads. Additionally, Wix's ease of use is perfect for the end user who wants to manage their own website. 

When you purchase our web design package, you will receive:

  • A beautiful website designed to your liking (transferred to you when completed and you are satisfied)

  • Up to six pages of development (additional pages available in five page blocks- $450)

  • Tablet and mobile view optimization

  • Use of SEO best practices to promote site ranking on Google

  • Research and implementation of top SEO keywords

  • Up to 3 revisions

Content Creation 

The Booked Therapist is a visually creative hub where all of your visual content can be created to meet your needs. We not only make appealing websites, we also make advertisement images and videos that are clean, attract attention, and showcase your service. When you begin advertising for your practice or start a digital marketing campaign, it is very important to attach an eye catching image or video. By doing so, you will greatly increase the likelihood that someone will stop scrolling and read your message. This is key to converting leads and getting the most out of your advertising and marketing budget.

For more information about our content creation, visit our content page or reach out for a free consultation.

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At The Booked Therapist we know that a quality therapist is an asset to the community. We want you to spend your time doing what you do best; helping people in your community overcome difficult obstacles. Creating and maintaining an online presence is time consuming. You already spend non-clinical hours answering e-mails & phone calls, taking care of financial issues and making the ever-dreaded calls to insurance companies. Let us take this piece off of your plate. At The Booked Therapist we aren't offering general website design services. We are offering website design and content creation that is unique to the field of psychotherapy.